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Every 7800 Game Reviewed

Funkmaster V and pals review the official releases, prototypes, hacks, homebrews and oddities for the Atari 7800 Prosystem.

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All Official Releases, Completed Prototypes and Homebrews

2.5 (Weak) "Atari 7800 Flight Sims are terrible, but Ace of Aces can be enjoyable if you have the manual to hold your hand." - Funkmaster V
2.5 (Weak) "A simple, challenging thing where the lack of atmosphere makes the game easy to dismiss." - Funkmaster V
4.0 (Very Good) "... it's just fun to sit back and waste Alien arse." - Funkmaster V
3.5 (Good) "Alpha Race adds a race element in a series with "Race" in the title for the first time ever! Genius! " - Funkmaster V
3.5 (Good) "This slower paced, reformed version of Zoo Keeper is a very addictive game despite it's technical issues." - Silverback
3.0 (Fair) "Armor Attack is an odd franchise to resurrect, and for you 119 people that wanted that resurrection, Happy Easter." - Funkmaster V
3.5 (Good) "Vector graphics are unfortunately replaced with breakfast cereal looking space rocks... but team play saves the day." - Crossbow
4.0 (Very Good) "The shield is a much better defensive device than Asteroid's hyperspace, plus its got great comedic value." - Funkmaster V
4.0 (Very Good) "Astro Blaster has never been ported to a home console, and that's too bad because it has a few interesting twists that set it apart..." - Funkmaster V
3.5 (Good) "Astro Fighter kinda looks like its own outer space bowl of Lucky Charms. You have red chubby ghosts, yellow rocket ships, and blue uteruses" - Funkmaster V
4.0 (Very Good) "Control issues abound when you cram a computer game into a 7800 port, but "Attack's" genius is impossible to dismiss." - Funkmaster V
5.0 (Perfect) "Q*bert (b*nq) is actually so high in quality that it makes other 7800 arcade ports like Donkey Kong and Galaga walk over to the corner of the room and pee their pants in submission." - Funkmaster V
5.0 (Perfect) "This maze/pinball hybrid is the amazing marriage between two completely different genres you never knew you needed." - Funkmaster V
4.0 (Very Good) "Terrific music and fast gameplay makes this futuristic sports title both intriguing and fun to play." - Funkmaster V
2.0 (Poor) "Barnyard Blaster is a game with good graphics but is so boring and broken, that not even the thrill of shooting Gramps in the head will save it."- Funkmaster V
4.0 (Very Good)"Although not a pure blooded sports game, Basketbrawl without question is the best sports title for the 7800."- Funkmaster V
4.5 (Excellent) "Burgertime (Beef Drop) may be the best thing associated with the Atari 7800. I became a fan of this odd game, a title that a health inspector would cringe at, on the Atari 7800." - Funkmaster V
5.0 (Perfect) "It's made for people like me: guys who suck at platform jumping and wished the hero packed an Uzi" - Funkmaster V
4.5 (Excellent) "You might have played Centipede 100 times before on 100 different systems... but I think this version may be the best one yet." - Funkmaster V
3.0 (Fair) "With missing adversaries, no extra levels, plus the predictable pattern of the enemies, the game is a very weak translation."- Crossbow
2.0 (Poor) "Combat 1990 is the first homebrew game made for the 7800. It's playable, but has less modes than its 1977 VCS predecessor."- Funkmaster V
4.5 (Excellent) "Commando is a commie wasting blast!"- Funkmaster V
2.0 (Poor)"...Let's head down to the Rooster Ranch and throw eggs at some lunatic rooster."- Funkmaster V
4.5 (Excellent)"... this game is the spiritual big brother of Super Breakout."- Funkmaster V
4.0 (Very Good) "Atari really studied their Ps and Qs on this one."- Crossbow
2.5 (Weak) "A love letter to Lewis Hill's youth, Danger Zone is a reimagining of his favorite variations of the Atari VCS game, Combat." - Funkmaster V
3.0 (Fair) "Rarely has adventure, murder, ghosts, goblins, mazes, zombies and treasure hunting ever felt so... boring." - Funkmaster V
4.0 (Very Good) "Desert Falcon is an odd game that undoubtedly borrows from the popular Arcade sensation Zaxxon, but adds a few hitches here and there to make it a very interesting cart on its own"- Funkmaster V
4.0 (Very Good) "Everything you loved about the arcade is present here in this version."- Crossbow
3.0 (Fair) "I'm not sure what is going on in Donkey Kong's genital region, but I am sure that I don't want to know."- Funkmaster V
3.0 (Fair) "Donkey Kong's genital region isn't as disturbing as it is in his game." - Funkmaster V
2.5 (Weak) "On the old site I gave this game a 4.5... What the hell was I thinking? I believe nostalgia clouded my damned brainz." - Funkmaster V
4.0 (Very Good) "As ubiquitous as Dragon's Cache's puzzle gameplay may be, the Dragon motif and the promise of more Dragon glory down the road has me sold." - Funkmaster V
4.5 (Excellent) "Dragon's Descent is a near perfect blend of coin-op approachability, adventure gaming, and dungeon crawling that rarely works this well anywhere." - Funkmaster V
4.0 (Very Good) "I love Dragon's Havoc, but it's innovative gameplay may alienate many SHMUP fans. " - Silverback
5.0 (Perfect) "A thinking man's maze shooter/ adventure, EXO is so tightly packed with extras, cinematics, songs, lush graphics, boss battles, and easter eggs that any 7800 fan would be remiss to skip it." - Funkmaster V
1.5 (Bad) "Reading the box makes it sure sounds like fun! However, I have a completely different story to tell."- Crossbow
3.5 (Good) "Fail Safe is not the hare, she is the tortoise" - Funkmaster V
2.5 (Weak) "It is boring, ugly, and mind numbing... but if you like Mad Max style games where the world is going to Hell, Fatal Run might be right up your alley." - Funkmaster V
2.0 (Poor) "On a system devoid of any quality fighting games, this one wins the title by default." - Funkmaster V
4.0 (Very Good) "...it has all the action and gameplay of the original arcade game."- Crossbow
4.5 (Excellent) "...this game puts the hatred of robots in my heart, and helps it fester." - Funkmaster V
4.5 (Excellent) "Another 7800 game where the name is changed to protect the innocent. But make no mistake, this IS Frogger." - Funkmaster V
3.5 (Good) "Galaga could have been another slam dunk arcade conversion for the 7800 if it wasn't for the game being demoically possessed at level 10." - Funkmaster V
3.5 (Good) "GoSub is a functioning homebrew that seems to be greater than the sum of its parts. The drive to beat the game supersedes the eventual monotony of the game play." - Funkmaster V
2.5 (Weak) "Here's a fun little sports game. I say little because there isn't much to it, and I'm also trying to be condescending."- Funkmaster V
3.0 (Fair) "...this game doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it does a great job putting a disgusting, flesh colored paint job on it."- Funkmaster V
4.5 (Excellent) "There will be loads of Rambo-esque testosterone flowing throw your veins when you wipe out 20 guys with a single hand grenade."- Funkmaster V
1.5 (Bad) "Corporate Apathy in a video game cartridge... this pile a crap that is unbeatbale due to a progamming error signifies a bigger problem... Atari did not GAF at this point."- Funkmaster V
4.5 (Excellent) "Impossible Mission features tons of puzzles and problem solving, decent graphics and sound effects, and a challenge that is out of this world."- Funkmaster V
2.0 (Bad) "...no matter how hard you try, you cannot control that damn ball. You start cursing and tensing up...and then your left eye twitches. "- Funkmaster V
4.0 (Very Good) "Joust is another in a respectable line of excellent arcade ports for the Atari 7800. But in the year 2020, I worry about abusing the Proline controllers with this guy."- Funkmaster V
1.5 (Bad) "Looking back to 1986 now, I wonder if this game's biggest sin wasn't just being a terrible port of a computer game, but could it be partially to blame for the Prosystem faltering launch?"- Funkmaster V
4.0 (Very Good) "...we can all agree that this is a clever Pac Man variant that's not as weird as Super Pac Man nor as desperately bizarre as Pac & Pal"- Funkmaster V
4.0 (Very Good) "A great version of Keystone Kapers that is unfortunately devoid of the clever programmer's twist on the gameplay."- Silverback
4.0 (Very Good) "Not nearly as approachable as Tetris, Klax is a thinking man's "stuff is falling" game."- Funkmaster V
4.5 (Excellent) "...like Metroid, Adventure, Super Mario Brothers, Dragon's Lair, Pitfall, all in one... but somehow not very much like any of those things at the same time."- Funkmaster V
2.0 (Poor) "If you want to play Kung Fu Master on your Atari 7800 console, then go buy the 2600 version."- Silverback
4.0 (Very Good) "Everyone needs to play the 2 player mode to get the best experience from this odd, origin story classic." - Silverback
1.5 (Bad) "I wish I could physically wrestle this game: I'd put it in the figure four leg lock and curse its momma. What a jobber of a port."- Funkmaster V
3.5 (Good) "...if you are a Tiger Woods generation golf fan, the lack of rock-n-roll will bore you to tears."- Funkmaster V
2.0 (Poor) "This was a miserable experience from start to finish, and this is coming from somebody who LOVES light gun games!"- Silverback
4.5 (Excellent) "If you like RPGs, adventure games, or gigantic Grandpa Munster heads, Midnight Mutants is a must have." - Funkmaster V
4.5 (Excellent) "Bad ass women rule because they kick ass. Bad ass old women rule even harder because they kick ass and then they make you cookies." - Funkmaster V
3.5 (Good) "Moon Cresta is a faithful port of an extremely challenging and weird SHMUP from 1980." - Funkmaster V
2.5 (Weak) "I can't put my finger on it, but this title is very similar to Pole Position 2, and yet it is not nearly as fun." - Funkmaster V
4.5 (Excellent) "After experiencing MsPM with the next generation of gamers and seeing them enjoy it like they did, it confirms my initial assumption: this port was something special." - Silverback
4.0 (Very Good) "I think Ninja Golf personifies what video games were supposed to be...Just plain, stupid fun." - Funkmaster V
3.5 (Good) "The pissed off janitor scene is worth a purchase alone." - Funkmaster V
5.0 (Perfect) "There is a reason that the Atari 7800's Pac-Man Collection is the number 1 selling Atari homebrew game... of all Atari systems... of all time." - Funkmaster V
5.0 (Perfect) "This is an impressive update on the best selling Atari 7800 homebrew of all time. Casual fans of the original can probably skip it, but Pac Man fanatics must devour this immediately" - Silverback
2.0 (Poor) "You can overlook the infielding control flaws and enjoy a mildly fun baseball title if you want to... but chances are you won't want to."- Funkmaster V
3.0 (Fair) "Planet Smashers would be a good gift to those who think they are good at everything."- Funkmaster V
2.0 (Poor) "Although its cute and challenging to a degree, there's no real reason to play this incomplete game more than once or twice"- Funkmaster V
3.0 (Fair) "If you want an old school racing game on the Atari 7800, then Pole Position 2 is your best bet."- Silverback
4.5 (Excellent) "Despite a couple of small hiccups, Popeye feels fantastic on the Atari 7800 and should have been here all along. "- Funkmaster V
3.5 (Good) "I don't know if it succeeds as a putt putt video game, but it did make me laugh out loud several times watching the sh!t on the screen go crazy."- Funkmaster V
4.0 (Very Good) "...it is a blast being able to be the bad guys for once"- Crossbow
1.0 (Terrible) "Atari did a bang up job improving Realsports Baseball...... for the Atari 5200. The bad thing is...the one for their console 5 years later outright sucks."- Funkmaster V
5.0 (Perfect) "In fact, Rikki & Vikki is so good, it feels a bit odd that a game with such mainstream-vibes is a part of this quirky and weird library of misfits"- Funkmaster V
3.5 (Good) "Your super hot Latina wife makes a terrific Nachos Del Grande platter. Your evil neighbors be eyeballin' and talkin' big noise. It's time to fight over them nachos."- Funkmaster V
1.5 (Bad) "I waste too much time playing video games that have no point. But to waste time trying to find a cat that is really the dollar sign is sinful."- Funkmaster V
4.0 (Very Good) "Robotron has inspired many companies and hobby programmers to develop dual joystick accesories for this 7800 port... that says something about its appeal."- Funkmaster V
2.5 (Weak) "As it takes off that top hat, its little weird and slightly suggestive "Hey!" reassures me that Christmas is well on its way... and simultaneously makes me feel a little weird about myself at the same time."- Funkmaster V
3.5 (Good) "Managing falling bricks appeals to human beings for some reason, but to throw in a victim who is also the game's main antagonist was quite a stroke of genius."- Funkmaster V
4.5 (Excellent) "Scramble is the very best horizontal shooter for the system, and my third favorite way to prepare eggs."- Funkmaster V
3.5 (Good) "When playing this urban blighted, painfully punishing platformer, remember the old proverb when looking at old homely Louie: "There, by the Grace of God, go I."- Funkmaster V
2.0 (Poor) "I guess there is value in longevity here, but you'll probably be placed in a straight jacket before you get your money's worth."- Silverback
4.0 (Very Good) "Serpentine is an interesting knife fight that blends cagey defense with a mad rush of offense when the opportunity presents itself."- Funkmaster V
4.5 (Excellent) "The prototype Sirius is a double tough, horizontal space shooter that is worth investing some time into."- Funkmaster V
4.0 (Very Good) "A brain teaser disguised as an adventure game that slides to a stop once the fun gets going."- Funkmaster V
3.5 (Good) "Space Duel is the third Asteroids game for the Prosystem when it would have been fine if we stopped at two."- Funkmaster V
4.0 (Very Good) "...I like the color scheme options A BUNCH and the gameplay is tried and true and arcade perfect."- Funkmaster V
2.0 (Poor) "Call me the Romanian judge, but I don't get the praise I often see for this sports title. Summer Games misses out on medalling in every event it tries to get us excited about."- Funkmaster V
3.0 (Fair) "way too often, the clown lands on the floor, breaks his legs, bones shoot from his thighs as children in the stands are scarred for life. "- Funkmaster V
1.5 (Bad) "The box lies. So did your parents about Santa Claus. Grow up and get over it. Have a drink."- Funkmaster V
4.0 (Very Good) "This version of Pac Man offers gameplay wrinkles that are completely original, but look kinda dumb."- Funkmaster V
3.0 (Fair) "Instead of a game filled with inverts, McTwists, and 720 airs, we have a puzzle/action hybrid filled with buzz saws, computers, and typewriters." - Funkmaster V
4.0 (Very Good) "Did this mutha fuggin game just call me a Vizzer? It did? Now what the hell is a Vizzer?" - Funkmaster V
1.5 (Bad) "I wonder what made the artists decide to place this wartime tank game in a fluffy pink wonderland? I mean, are we invading Barbie's evil empire or what?" - Funkmaster V
1.5 (Bad) "I would think, naturally, that a wrestling game would have wrestling moves."- Funkmaster V
2.0 (Poor) "I hate Atari flight simulators so much that I saved Tomcat to be the last official release to review for two websites in a row."- Funkmaster V
1.0 (Terrible) "Conservatives and Liberals, Indepedents, Libertarians and Greens and even the Democratic Socialists will all want to kneel on this American football disaster." - Funkmaster V"
4.5 (Excellent) "People either go ga-ga over this beautiful puzzle/ action/ shooter hybrid, or they don't. On this site, we are the pom pom girls for it."- Funkmaster V
3.0 (Fair) "UniwarS is an outstanding port of an unpopular, pre-Galaga aracade shooter that featured some oddball ideas."- Funkmaster V
3.5 (Good) "This is the best version of Venture you will ever play... but its still Venture."- Funkmaster V
1.5 (Bad) "They don't pay me enough to play things like this."- Funkmaster V
2.0 (Poor) "Let's be honest---- doesn't 'Water Ski' sound like a generic POS, anyways?"- Funkmaster V
3.5 (Good) "...if you ever wanted to be Estonia in the biathlon... thank the Lord now."- Funkmaster V
3.5 (Good) "Initially, I wasn't too keen on Wizard's Dungeon... but I'm glad I stuck with it."- Silverback
2.0 (Poor) "Have you played that Snake game on the old Nokia phones from the 90s? This is essentially the same game, just worse. "- Silverback
3.5 (Good) "While fun to play, the game is missing many features that makes it feel a little less than complete."- Crossbow
4.0 (Very Good) "Let's blow stuff up! Here's a faithful arcade port that will not disappoint the shmup gamer inside you." - Funkmaster V

Demos, Hacks, Prototypes, Oddities & Unfinished Games

Dud "There's a graphical hack of Freeway in this called: Freeway Rabbit. And then, the original Freeway is included and called "Freeway Chicken". Something fishy is going on here..." - Funkmaster V
Curious Oddity "The 7800 Traveler Cart. or Travi for short, was a Prosystem version of 'Flat Stanley' that got lost in Europe in the 2000's. Gambler172 then released a simple homebrew to immortalize the journey." - Funkmaster V (Review from the article "German Grab Bag")
Must Have "This Boulder Dash clone has some interesting gameplay wrinkles and great graphics and sound, but sadly was abandoned before completion." - Funkmaster V
Curious Oddity "Not a version of the infamous pinball/ maze game arcade hybrid, but an oddly serious looking port of an obscure Commodore 64 stab at Pac Man." - Funkmaster V
Must Have "...even the brightly colored blocks include texture, shadows and highlights but isn't overly busy." - Funkmaster V
Dud "A good looking submarine sim that was graciously cancelled before clogging up the 7800 library with another dog.... err... cat." - Funkmaster V
Dud "The Halloween Cartridge was a simple demo saying hello to several Atari Age forum members, INCLUDING ME! So it is the best game ever, of course." - Funkmaster V (Review from the article "German Grab Bag")
Curious Oddity "To my knowledge, this text adventure is the first Atari 7800 cart that features a vagina joke." - Funkmaster V
Dud "Can you even call this thing Millipede without the DDT???" - Funkmaster V
MISSING IN ACTIONMust Have "The game so tough three programmers died making it! Chuck Norris MIA will be reviewed here soon!"- Funkmaster V
Must Have "A hero with a dumb weapon stars in a really interesting and fun platformer despite the insipid name, dorky offense, and convoluted combat system." - Funkmaster V
Must Have "Outpost 26 is similar to the arcade game 'Space Panic', and was an Atari 7800 XM vaporware title. You can play an older version of this game entitled 'Monster!' by searching ROM packs." - Funkmaster V
Curious Oddity "Pac Nestor Special Edition is a sequel to Pac Pollux, a Ms. Pac Man hack based on an obscure French Cartoon." - Funkmaster V (Review from the article "German Grab Bag")
Curious Oddity "This looks like it was going to be a bad port of a mediocre arcade game anyway, but it is still interesting"- Funkmaster V
Dud "Calm down kiddos, Pole Position 3 is not a brand new racing game, it is just a insignificant Pole Position 2 hack that makes things weird."- Funkmaster V
Must Have "Possible Mission offers a chance to remedy one of the biggest programming gaffes in video game history, and in turn, redeems an IP for 1000's of NTSC Prosystem enthusiasts"- Funkmaster V
Dud "Rampart was almost finished for the 7800 when it was cancelled, but the only found version of the game is unplayable, but raises questions." - Funkmaster V
Curious Oddity "ROF looks like it would have been a winner on the 7800." - Funkmaster V
Curious Oddity "...not a port of the tremendous arcade game, but a graphical hack of Xevious." - Funkmaster V