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Funkmaster V Reviews

7800 Rank: Unranked

Genre: Action/ Puzzle

Awards: None
I Wonder if I Can Get that Shade of Fuchsia For my Family Room? Pros: Fun Little Puzzle Game/ Easy to Understand
Cons: Goofy Looking Protagonist/ Low Replay Value
You Crazy Kid!!! Get Off the Roof!

Overview: Woo-hooooo. Who needs the realistic Tony Hawk line of skateboarding games when you can get an Atari 7800 and Absolute's Super Skateboardin' off ebay for under 50 bucks and start going to town with the guy in the green shirt and the jams??? Marvel at the lack of tricks, police harassment, spray paint, air, broken bones, or even the need to push the skateboard along with a foot. Yes...
Super Skateboardin' has very little to do with skateboarding at all. Although not a bad little game, SS is a puzzle game you play for time, score and cash***. This is a puzzle game that will not scratch that X-game itch like 720, Skate or Die, or even BMX Airmaster.

Graphics: This game takes place at a factory/office building where the interior decorator of the building was either a wee bit color blind or lost both eyes in Nam. The color of the walls range from fuchsia to blue to dark chartreuse to gray, with no rhyme or reason. Furniture, machines, and appliances are littered sparsely throughout the building, and most rooms have nothing inside at all. Though this is a little odd, it at least isn't distracting from the task at hand. Graphically, everything is easily identifiable, except maybe the coffee maker....well, wait...........is that a coffee maker??? The only problem with the visuals in this game may be the hero. He looks like the cousin of the hacky sack guy from California Games for the Atari 2600. Block head, green shirt, black and white jams, and no face. Even though the main character model is weak, the other graphics are adequate and done fairly well.

Sound: After about 20 of these reviews, I'm starting to realize that the best sound for the 7800 is no sound. That's practically all we have here, except for a few bleeps, blurbs, spits, and whistles from certain machines in the rooms. These are done fairly well, and no audio here makes you want to kill anyone.

Gameplay: This game is super simple to pick up and play. Pressing either button makes the character jump up off his skateboard, fly through the air, and then land back on it. Most skateboarding games would have the skateboarder bring the board up with him in his jump and possibly perform a trick...but hey, not this game buddy! Turning off machines and lights are as simple as riding past them. Pushing down makes you kneel on your board. The only reason you would need to do this is to ride the strange tunnels in the game that send you from one floor to another. Now that I think about it, everyone who works in this office must ride skateboards around, because it is impossible to go from floor to floor without one. What a cool and dangerous place to work! The game ends when you turn off all of the lights and return outside, run out of time, or fall off the roof. Sick individuals will like watching the last ending several times in a row on a sloooooooooow loop.

Originality: I have never played a game like this before or since. From the get go this game is just plain odd...you will never be the same! Well... you probably will be the same. Let's not get stupid... it's just a "solve the maze" diversion.

Value: At the end of the day, this game is not very difficult, and it is short. Once you beat the game, there won't be a lot of reasons to come back and play Super Skateboardin', except for maybe improving your time. The maze pathways do not change, the items do not move rooms nor do the rooms randomize. Which makes it easier for the people who work here but it kinda sucks for us. It's a one trick pony.

Overall: If there seems like there is not much substance to this review, its not my fault damn you. Oh, what? You're gonna go read reviews at the Video Game Critic's website now? THAT TRAMP? Go! Fine! I won't miss you. Don't blame me that there's not much substance to the game. The main gist of this SS is just trying to find your way through the maze. It is that simple. Since this game is so different from any other game I have ever played, I think it is worth a purchase. And trying to solve the puzzle is fun. Just be warned...besides the guy riding one, there is absolutely nothing to do with skateboards in this game. No tricks, no ramps, no babes in pink halter tops and knee pads....nothing. This game would have been better named, "Super Minimum Wage Factory Worker!" or "Hey! Why don't Your Employees Turn Everything Off When They Are Done With Stuff?" or "Flip that Switch!" Hey, that last one is actually pretty good... Tell Dave at VGC I said hello..............

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Additional Info: I would like to take this time to thank Mitch Orman, owner of The Atari 7800 Page for allowing the use of his screenshots for this review.

***- There is no cash dumbass