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124 Different Atari 7800 Games
From Funkmaster V's Collection

8 Unusual Atari 7800 Boxes
From Etsy's AtariGameBoxes Store

All Atari 7800 Endings Ranked

All Atari 7800 Final Bosses Ranked

All Atari 7800 Gamepro Ink

Atari 7800 Big Azz Unboxing Video

Atari 7800 Little Azz Homebrew Unboxing Video

Flex That Maria Muscle
A New Project Pushes the Atari 7800's Limits

Good Knight and Good Luck
The Upcoming Knight Trilogy from Vlad Zuniga

Save Mary Box Art Gallery

Space Ship Fashion Show!
Player Controlled Space Ships Ranked

The Atari 7800's Top 10 Homeliest Heroes

The Atari Apologist
Funkmaster V Defends 9 Oft-Berated Atari 7800 Titles

The British Are Coming!
Muddyfunster Invades the 7800 Programming Scene

The Mystery Behind the Atari Championship Title Belt

The Prosystem Posse
The 7800's Nine Exclusive Quirky Cousins

The Upcoming Dragon Trilogy
From Revontuli

The Dragonfly Has Landed
A Look at One of the new Atari 7800 Multicarts

Top 10 Infamous Atari 7800 Gameplay Moments

Top 10 Atari 7800 Single Screen Platform Levels

Use the Alphabet to Pick Out Your Next 7800 Game!

Which Atari 7800 Game is the Toughest to Beat?

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A Look at the Homebrew Maze Shooter

Ranks Explained

***System, Controller, Peripheral
& Emulation Information***

Atari 7800 Java Script Emulator
by raz0red

Difficulty Switch Information

The Ultimate Look at
The Atari Ultimate Fight Stick w/ Trackball

What is the AtariVox+ Speech Synthesizer

***FUNK vs. ATARI***
Funkmaster V Atari 7800 Challenges

#5) Funk tries to surpass the 1992 Dream Team's Win Total

#4) Funk tries to defeat the World Record Score

#3) Funk tries to find all 8 POW Camps and trip the game

#2) Funk tries to beat PM for the first time in 12 Years

#1) Funk tries to defeat DD for the first time in 20 years


Funkmaster V vs. Bob Decrescenzo (aka Pac-Man Plus)

John K Harvey vs. David A. Dentt (Klax, Ninja Golf)


White Atari 7800 found on EBAY!

Harry Dogdson's Game is the First Atari 7800 Homebrew for Sale

Curt Vendel Discussing the Fate of the 7800

Prototype Discovered!

Prototype Discovered!

Lee Krueger of ResQsoft Releases New Games for the 7800

Lee Krueger of ResQsoft Releases New Games for the 7800

A Look at this Unreleased Prototype and How to Get Through It

Possible Mission, or:

A Look at Three German Homebrews from the Double Aughts