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7800 Rank: Unranked

Genre: Puzzle

Awards: None
Remember the 80's? When We Were Scared to Death of Russia Dropping Blocks In Our Block Receptacles? Pros: Graphically, my Favorite Classic Tetris Port
Cons: Blocks Fall at the Same Speed Throughout Game
The Quickest Two Player Tetris Game of All Time (Tie)

Overview: Man, I will tell you this, the late, great Ken Siders can make one hell of an Atari 7800 game. Not only did he like changing the names of popular games to worse ones, (Burgertime to Beef Drop, eg.) he was great at filling up the 7800 library with sorely missing ports. To my knowledge, this was his third stab at a 7800 title: a tantalizing close to being finished version of Tetris. Man... not only does it play smooth, but it is beautiful to boot (ya know--- beautiful for a 7800 game).

What We Gotz Here: There's a functioning two player competitive mode and basic sound effects included, (but no music). The biggest omission in Blocdrop is the lack of level ups. This means that the speed of the falling blocks never increases, so even a Tetris noob like myself can play for extremely long innings. I imagine a Tetris master could play this for eternity, if he/she has an empty soda bottle and decent aim. This version would be good for beginners, children, plants and Masters of Funk with low Tetris self esteem.

Truth be told, I haven't heard of many Tetris ports being a nightmare to control, but thankfully Blocdrop is no different. It's extremely smooth. But the main draw is the profound simplicity and elegant design of the graphics. The game board definitely is its own competent take on the Russian themed arcade version, but even the brightly colored blocks include texture, shadows and highlights but isn't overly busy. I've seen a few Tetris clones fall into that "more is less" trap and Ken Siders astutely refused. I don't grade graphics on prototypes/ hacks/ demos/ and unfinished homebrews... but if I did, this game would rake in a 5.0 out of 5.0 no question.

Verdict: Ken Siders was a bad ass, and his creation Blocdrop was headed towards bad-assery, as well. This game is not widely available on cart but you can find the ROM in Trebor's Atari 7800 ROM pack located on the Atari 7800 homebrew forums.

Even unfinished, this is seriously one of my favorite Tetris ports, ever. MUST HAVE!

Additional Information: I would like to thank myself for the screenshots used in this review, and Trebor for his compiling of all available 7800 ROMS in his ROM pack.