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7800 Rank: Unranked

Genre: Shooter

Awards: None
Oh Look! They Included DDT Pros: Trac Ball Coding Works Great
Cons: Missing DDT, Several Enemies, and Features of the Game
HAHAHAHA! They Lied.

Overview: April Fool's Day over at the Atari Age board has become largely predictable over the last few years, with someone annually proclaiming "I FOUND A WORKING VERSION OF AN ATARI 7800 STREET FIGHTER 2 ON AN ATARI XE" or "I DISCOVERED A VIAL OF CHRIST'S BLOOD WHEN I OPENED MY ATARI JAGUAR AND NOW I NEVER DIE PLAYING SCRAPYARD DOG" or some such nonsense. Our goofy German friend Gambler 172 proclaimed that was made privy to the discovery of a completed Millipede prototype a few days before April Fools in 2015, only later to wink and say he was working on a graphic hack of Centipede... followed by mass groans of the fellow nerds on the site.

What We Gotz Here: This version of Millipede is mostly a graphic hack of the excellent 7800 port of Centipede, with some odd omissions that make it fail both as a port and as a curiosity. The most damning omission is lack of the DDT in the game. The arcade version of Millipede featured a horde of new enemies that I never cared about, but the exploding DDT canisters that could take out large portions of the Millipede were both gratifying and bad for the environment. It was the best part of the sequel to Centipede, which in my humble opinion, was a better title anyway and never needed a sequel to begin with.

The main archer of the game's sprite has been updated, and the scorpion and flea have been replaced by the earwig, inchworm and the bee... with the bee doing a much better job of replenishing mushrooms than the original flea did. Extra lives are now earned at 15,000 points instead of 10,000 (Thanks for nothing) and oddly enough the four 7800 difficulty options have been removed. On the version of the cart that I picked up, it is Trac Ball (only) compatible, which is very cool, and the excellent multi-player options are still in tact.

The dragonfly, beetle and organic mushroom growth are all missing, but the most irritating part of the game is the DDT prick tease when shooting poison mushrooms. It's possible to spell DDT by shooting the evil fungi, making the 9 year old boy in me hopeful that if I keep shooting the letters "DDT" that an explosion of paraquat will take out some of God's creatures. But no... just a fart noise and then nothing... 9 year old Funk is sad again.

Verdict: Buyer beware: A fully playable hack but not really a proper port of Millipede.


Additional Information: I would like to thank Gambler172 over at AtariAge for the use of his screenshots used in this review.