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Tower Toppler Tactics


Move the difficulty switches to the left at the beginning of the game, before Sly gets out of the BA-1. If done in time, Sly will get back in the sub and proceed to the next tower. If the switches are kept in this position, Sly will just rifle through all of the levels. When you want to get off at a tower, move the switches back to the right before the sub lands. Sly will then get out of the sub and you can get to work.


There are four doors at the top of the final tower. You must choose one to enter the control room to blow the place to Hell and win the game. The correct door is the third one from Sly's vantage point.


When you lose your last life, quickly flip the left difficulty switch to the right. If done correctly, the sub should take you to the next tower. Be sure to flip the switch back to the left when Sly is getting out of the sub.

Frequent Question:
How to beat Level 3 aka Trap of Tricks

I get this question emailed to me from time to time, so I might as well post my answer here to better serve the Atari 7800 Forever Nation. Here's my latest email:

It's a common question, but there are 2 ways to defeat the beginning of Trap of Tricks. One is hard to do, but this way is easier:

#1) Go to the left, shoot the bouncing ball, and go through the door. Take that elevator up to the 3rd level, wait, and let the Mutant Molecule show up to knock you back down to the 2nd level. The rest of the level is cake.

#2) The hard way consists of using a "double jump" method next to where the elevator lets you off on the 3rd level. Jam the joystick to the right, and rapidily try to jump up the side. This is way is tricky but it is better to achieve a good time.

Hope this helps, thanks for the question and check out the rest of the site- Funkmaster V