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I don't know what a Yule Log, but if you think the T:me Salvo's hero is a little on the bland side and needs an upgrade... you have the power. On any level, you will automatically transform into Saint Nick if you take out 4 out of 5 Grunts that line the sides before the level officially starts. This requires you to be on the top row, and for a little extra advice, I would be near the center. The first grunt slides down to the left, too. Don't let anyone tell you I don't love you. You wanted Orange Christmas trees? Mike's got you covered on level 2, dawg.

Oh yeah... stick around... holiday music replaces the original score on the menus.


This is not marital advice, rather an idea. After rescuing a human, I suggest returning to near the bottom of the screen often. If you meet your demise near the top of the screen, odds are the humans will be murdered before you respawn and get a chance to meet up with them again. I think the cherry spot is one row from the bottom since no bad guys spawn there.


The challenge stages are important because they award extra men. The following map shows optimal positions on where to stand and where to fire to get perfect scores on the first challenge screen. Stand in the 1st spot, fire south. On the second wave, slide to position two and fire south again. On wave three, move over to the original position and fire East. You guessed it... on wave four, stand in the 2nd position and fire west. MONEY