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An old article, but here to mark a significant moment in the Atari 7800 after market life. Here's my news blurb from the early 2000's, a small presser, and the game descriptions from the of ResQsoft website:

From 2007- The fine people at ResQsoft need to be kissed on the lips. They have just released a playable NTSC Sentinel and Klax for the public to scoop up and enjoy. This is the first major release of 7800 games in 12 years!!! These games are in short supply, so buy them now! Here's what they posted over at Atari Age about the release:

Lee Krueger of ResQsoft Productions has announced that he is now selling... versions of Sentinel and Klax for the Atari 7800 (that were introduced at last weekend's NWCGE show). Each game comes complete with a unique label, instructions and box. In addition, Lee will convert PAL Sentinels to NTSC if you already have a Sentinel cart. You can find detailed information about these games here, and make sure you read the full story of X3V0LuX while you're there.

You're a scientist, and your invention, a pulsating, glowing orb called the Sentinel, absorbs and stores energy from a variety of sources. Now Earth is threatened by deadly aliens, and you must use your creation to save your planet.

When you have destroyed the four worlds, the Sentinel will come face to face with this evil entity. Defeat the final evil to complete your quest!

Now you can play this unreleased NTSC game on your Atari 7800. Sentinel comes complete with Atari 7800 compatible cart (NTSC), nifty box, instructions and Atari 7800 style label. A professional product to play and display in your collection. Requires Atari compatible lightgun. Quantities are limited.


You've selected your level, and now the colored tiles start to tumble down the ramp. Zoom your paddle back and forth to catch the tiles and flip them into bins to create rows of same colored tiles. The rows can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, and three or more tiles in a row create a Klax. Sounds easy, right? It is until the tiles speed up and tumble down the ramp so fast that you can barely keep up! faster and faster, your paddle becomes a blur as you struggle to keep up with the pace. Will you ace the wave or are you destined to fail? Either way you'll find yourself quickly addicted to the good clean fun of tic-tac-KLAX!

Now you can play this unreleased game on your Atari 7800 (NTSC format). Klax comes with a 7800 compatible cart (NTSC) ,nifty box, instructions, interview with the programmer with tips and tricks about 7800 Klax never known until now. Quantities are limited.