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From IMDB:
Vinnie Vineyard (Funkmaster V aka Cousin Vinnie) is a versatile performer. He has garnered notoriety in radio, music, stand up comedy, professional wrestling and acting. In 2013, the Maryville Daily Times did a piece on Vineyard, suggesting that he possibly is the most interesting man in East Tennessee shortly after he won the Libertarian nomination for state representative.

Vineyard created his own paranormal TV show "Wrestling With Ghosts" which airs on ASY TV. In 2018 he declared that he is running for Tennessee State Governor as a Libertarian. He has since created the TV shows "It Happened to Me..." and "Haunted Graves". In 2020, his production company started making horror movies, their first one being the horror/comedy "The Hike". Vineyard won the TN state Lightweight Judo championship when he was in high school.

I asked for an Atari 7800 for Christmas in 1988 because the system was backwards compatible with my huge library of 2600 games, and I successfully resisted the NES temptation. My Christmas games were Pole Position II and Karateka, and I was blown away. I was a SUPER Atari loyalist until the Super Nintendo came out (Street Fighter 2, mane), and by the time the Jaguar was released, I was tempted to nab one, especially since it was made in the USA... but I thought it looked janky (I was right).

Though the systems I played changed through the years, I was always fond of the Prosystem. In 1990, I found an incredible mountain of Atari 7800 games at Big Lots for $1-3 each and completed my collection with the titles I always wanted and never found in the wild (I wish I bought the entire table... but who knew retro gaming would be a thang?). Around the year 2002, I created the website "Cousin Vinnie's Atari 7800 Panoramic Froo Froo" to add a website into the universe that represented the fun side of collecting and playing the system. Up until that point, most Atari websites had incorrect information pertaining to the 7800 or the sites were extremely basic, lacked panache and focused on technical aspects of the system.

The "Froo Froo" boasted that it was the only website in the universe that featured in-depth reviews for every title made for the Atari 7800... and it did. It became a reliable resource for retro gamers. Over the course of a few years, the site amassed an impressive collection of original articles and news clips, coupled with media from my childhood collection. The website however was connected to my funk/hip hop party band Flipside Runner/ Pimpin' Ain't Easy, and when I left the group in 2008, the site faded into glory when the remaining bandmates let the domain go.

My entertainment career heated up. I started wrestling as Funkmaster V, started doing paranormal television, comedy skits, acting on TV and the website was forgotten. I would occasionally think about starting the site back up, but the amount of work that it would take was daunting. But at a comic convention in 2017, I ran across a fan who knew me as a wrestler and an Atari enthusist, and they mentioned that they still check out the "Froo Froo's" reviews on the WAY BACK MACHINE. A light bulb went off, and in 2020 during the boredom of the corona-virus quarantine, I started resurrecting the site- updating the old reviews from the ghosts of the Froo Froo website and writing new articles, as well. As of this bio update in late 2020, the website already has over 100 articles/ reviews/ cheats/ lists/ videos etc.

I will start making more videos soon... but first... the written reviews have to be completed! I'm gonna go write on right now! Thanks for checking out the site. If you are curious about my entertainment career, check out www.FunkmasterV.com and watch a few videos below! Please subscribe to our Youtube channel... we could use the love!

Awards & Distinctions:

2021 "Best Comedy Scene" "The Hike" 2021 Scene Awards
2021 "Best First Time Director" "The Hike" 1st Monthly Film Fest
2021 ASY TV's "Biggest and Sexiest" Television Presenter of 2020
2020 Twin Galaxies Atari 7800 Tower Toppler World Record Holder
2018 Wrestling With Ghosts- the #1 illegally downloaded paranormal show in Gabon, Africa
2017 AAWCA "Big N Funky" Cage Wars Champions
2016 Wrestling With Ghosts- Winners of Destination America's Parasearch competition
2016 KFW Tag Team Championship
2013 EGO PRO Heavyweight Champion
2011 EGO PRO Tag Team of the Year
2011 EGO PRO Tag Team Champion
2010 TXW Rivalry of the Year
2010 TXW Match of the Year
2010 NITRO Heavyweight Champion
2010 TXW YouTube TV Champion
1999 #1 Rock Song on MP3.com "Fist Fulla Pixies" by Big Fish
1996 "Cousin Vinnie's Rock N Roll Show" #1 rated show on WITA
1993 Best Actor- Gibbs High School
1993 District 2AA After Dinner Speaking Winner
1993 VSE Public Speaking Gold Medal Winner
1991 Knoxville City High School Judo Champion
1991 Knoxville City Lightweight Judo Champion
1990 Tennessee State Judo Jr. Champion

From "Let's Make Love w/ Big N Funky"
A Pokemon in the Maryland Wastelands

Music Video
Funkmaster V & the Funkmaster V: "Time to Rise"

From Great American Wrestling: Funkmaster V vs. Austin Knight