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The 4 Castle Secrets

There are 4 secrets in the castle that can help save your pet. Dig it. Thanks to my fellow Atari 7800 Forever contributors Crossbow for Secret #1 and Silverback for his help with Secrets 3 & 4.

Secret #1
Hidden Potion

Game programmer Vlad Zuniga slyly drew an arrow to the first hidden potion in the game manual just to rub it in. The tree on the very first screen hides a hidden potion, but to find it, you must cut the tree. Since you start the game unarmed, you have to run into the castle, grab the sword at room 11, defeat Calcium Face, and then come back outside to slash the tree. Grabbing the potion increases your "lives" to 4 (8 is the max), and gives you a huge advantage in your mini boss battles and in the hardest part of the game, which is the backtracking between rooms 28-47.

Secret #2
Hidden Heart

If you are low on lives early in the game, there is a secret heart refill that can be seen on screen 23 but you cannot access by normal means. It is safe and sound in a chamber between two levels with giant, green, vomiting skulls. To get access to the hall that hides the heart, go back to room 19. Stand on the middle ledge to the right of the screen, safe from the fast moving obstacle that continually falls from the ceiling and rushes down towards the west door. Jump up twice and hack the top portion of the wall, and you will open a hole without dulling your blade. Good job, Sir Knight! Down the hall is a heart refill, but you may want to save it for when you have to escape the castle on the way back... up to you.

Secret #3
Hidden Room #1

My favorite boss to fight in this game is the angry snail named Babas O'nico... it's attacks are very musical and since I'm a musician, I find this guy very fun to fight but pretty easy to beat. Regardless, he/she/it is located in room 70. After you defeat Babas, you may miss that a golden, Mario-like portal opens up on the lower right hand side of the screen behind it's butt. If you go in, there is a hidden message on the wall that you can barely see that gives a shout out to Vlad Zuniga's game testers Trebor, Steve Ramirez and Crossbow: Test Team Rules. Cute.

Secret #4
Hidden Room #2/ Warp Room

You can knock out two hidden rooms/ secrets in a matter of seconds. But this one is very important. After you unlock the hidden message room after kicking Babas' slimy butt, ram the right wall in "Room: ??" with your sword to slash open an entryway into yet another hidden room. This room has a question mark on the floor. Walk over and activate it, and you will be warped by to Room 37. This is an EXTREMELY important secret to discover, because after defeating the Evil Dragon and saving your pet, you must escape the entire castle with the time remaining with little to no health recovery. This warp will totally evade most of the trickiest rooms in the game, including those dastardly underwater gimmicks which are tough to navigate with a time limit approaching zero.