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The map is courtesy of Mitch and the Atari 7800 page at www.atari7800.org

This map is the first of the "random" lay-outs when you turn your game on in the PAL version of this game or what Americans have been calling the hack "Possible Mission". To replay this lay-out, just reset the game.

Other Tips:

Destroy the Orb:
In the third column of rooms, the 5th room down with the orb, it is possible to push the orb off of the bottom of the screen using the lifts. It will appear at the top of the room and will begin following you immediately. It is possible to lead it into the robot in the middle of the room and it will disappear for as long as you remain in the room.

Tricky Step:
In the sixth column of rooms, the bottom room features some tricky gaps you will have to navigate. You will have to perform a "leap of faith" from the computer terminal to the lift in the center of the room. To do this perfectly every time, you must maneuver the agent to the ledge of the platform, to where his left foot just touches the ledge (there should be no space between his foot and the edge). Then, just push the joystick to the right and he should step over the hole.

Funkmaster V: Funk vs. Atari:
(Complete Playthrough on Possible Mission)

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