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An Easter Egg with a Very Dumb Nickname

Here's an interesting Easter Egg found by Dan Boris!

Well, after pouring over the code for a couple hours I can confirm that there is an Easter Egg in Food Fight! Thanks to "audiemurphy" for starting me on the trail of this. Here are the steps to access the easter egg, which I have confirmed on the real hardware:

1. Play one game up to at least level 23. This is easy if you set the skill to beginner and start on level 16.
2. After that game, on the level select screen, select level 23.
3. Hold the pause button on the console and do the following sequence with the joystick: Up, Down, Right, Left, Up, Down, Right, Left.

If you do that all right it should display this message including an incredibly dumb nickname that I can't help but love.