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Provided by VGM
(This guide was updated Nov 3, 2020)

Double Dragon is a video game classic. Almost every old gamer would agree, that this is one of the greatest games of all time. It has a classic storyline, classic looking characters, and classic gameplay. Obviously, Double Dragon was a huge influence on future fighting games: Final Fight, Streets of Rage, and even the venerable classics Street Fighter and Mortal Combat. The 7800 port is an interesting one. Although missing moves and looking goofy as hell, it did a better job at capturing the flavor of the arcade game than the NES version, and it is a tricky game to beat...unless you know a secret or two. Thanks to John K. Harvey's input mixed with the funk, the following game guide will make this one easy dragon to slay.


- If you're going to keep jump-kicking someone repeatedly, they'll eventually figure it out and hit you back. Never do a straight up repeated jump-kick attack unless you are using the next tactic.

- Repeatedly jump-kicking someone never seems to fail if they're coming onto a screen that's scrolling (i.e., screen scrolls right when you move right, so everything slows down). It also works with killing offscreen baddies, by repeatedly knocking them back offscreen. Here's the scoop: if your enemy is in front of you, you can seemingly do endless jump-kicks in a row without threat of a counter attack, until the screen stops scrolling. You have to time it just right, though, and it generally only works for one enemy at a time, or when 2 are bunched together.

"Shadow Boss Tactic"
If you want to kill the Shadow Boss easier, concentrate your attack on him and ignore his Green Goons. If you defeat him, the Greenies give up...
- If you're just starting out, a simple technique (but boring) is to scroll the screens across slowly, one tick at a time. The maximum number of enemies you can see at one time is 4... but its much easier to deal with them one or two at a time. Usually, the bad guys are placed at different frames. So, instead of fighting 4 enemies at once because you blundered through all of the origin frames, you can take them on separately if you "unveil" them one at a time by slowly scrolling the screen one tick at a time. Sometimes, two enemies are assigned to the same frame, so you'll have to deal with two at once. So what? You're supposed to be a tough guy, amirite?

-You can easily beat the bridge in Level 3 by a simple trick. Instead of attempting to jump over the hole in the bridge, go as far as you can to the top of the screen before you reach the bridge. When you cannot walk any further, do two jump kicks pressing towards the right hand of the screen. You will be able to walk along the grassy path to the top of the bridge, walking right by the hole!!! Sweet and Easy!!

***On the final boss screen, you get more points for funkin up the Shadow Boss's 3 green goons, but you do not need to kill them to clear the game. Once you defeat the Shadow Boss, those guys will turn puss and run.


Here's some little known tactics that will make this game a breeze.

"The 2 Modes"
Above, the 3 smaller baddies are chasing our hero in "Attack Mode". The key is to shake them off into "Intimidation" mode...making it easier to kill the evil regime.
***Baddies move in 2 modes; "Attack mode" and "Intimidation mode".

Attack Mode- Charging you... dead set on smacking the taste out of your mouth.

Intimidation Mode- Wandering around, as if looking for the toast in the grocery store.

Discerning between the two is easy. Just go to the top of a screen and hold "up" on your controller. Those who keep moving are in "Intimidation mode". Those who are standing still are in "Attack mode". Bad guys in "Attack Mode" can counter-attack. Those in "Intimidation mode" cannot, and therefore the ones we want to pick on. You can actually manipulate bad guys with the sexy sway of your hips and lustfully slide them from Attack Mode into Intimidation Mode. You slut, you!

How do we do this? All you have to do is just wiggle the joystick around until the bad guys start walking around aimlessly instead of chasing you. You should always try to get the bad guys in "Intimidation Mode", because they are defenseless and easy to kill. This is a useful technique to prevent 4 evil-doers from picking on you at once, and to get them into a position to be easily taken down***

- The reverse elbow (To attack right: Face left, press up + punch button): one hit always takes them down. To better facilitate this technique, find a good hard wall, stand about 1.5 character lengths away from it, facing away from it, and force the enemy into "intimidation mode". When this happens, stay still, wait for the guy to come to you, and just keep elbowing attacking the sucker, and they'll hit the wall, and get up right behind you, where another blow is inevitable before they can retaliate. An enemy can be taken out in less than 10 seconds with this technique. There are lots of screens with useful side walls, including the final scene with the shadow boss.

- The knife is an interesting score manipulator and a sort of power up. If you see someone with a knife, or know that someone is coming on-screen soon with one, stay near the top of the screen. When you see them, hold the joystick up. Jiggle it to get them into "intimidation mode", and then hit them with a good solid kick. Prevent the schmuck from picking it up again, by jiggling the joystick (putting them in "Intimidation Mode"), and then pick up the knife. As an interesting note, you can still kick when you have the knife. Don't throw the knife away, but instead kick everyone. Normal baddies will be down in 2-3 hits, and big baddies will take 4. And they'll even be knocked down by the lowly standing kick, so its kind of like a power up in that way: all of your kicks become instant knock downs. You'll even be awarded 500 points for each kick! (Whenever you're holding a weapon, regardless of what attack you use, you always get the amount of points attributed to that particular weapon).

- All of this bullsh is sweet and good, but honestly, 90% of the time, the only real attack you will need is the Jumping Reverse Roundhouse Kick (To attack right: Down/ Left on controller, + kick button). Get into the lower left hand corner of the screen, and as long as the thuggies are walking in "Intimidation Mode", they will mindlessly walk into your barrage of Jumping Reverse Roundhouse Kicks. Timing is key, and so is cardio. Good thing this is a video game and you can do this while fat.


"The Heinous Lie"
Williams may be a 400 hitter, but he forgot his bat when it came to the moment of truth.
***The lie on the Release Box***

***There's a picture on the box with a caption "Williams is a 400 hitter. Avoid his lumber or he'll swat your melon into the cheap seats". There is no bat available at this portion of the game***

From Digital Press:
- "Walk in mid-air: On mission 3, when the computer moves your character over to the 2nd half of the level, push UP. You will go to the top of the screen!"

(I believe this is what you're talking about) To add to this, if you kill off the first 4 baddies, you can go left to the climbing wall, climb about halfway up it, press left, and eventually, you'll appear on the right hand side of the screen! This puts you in a place you don't have the ability to enter (i.e. the scrolling stops before you get this far right, generally).

I just found this one out tonight! It's a major bug, i.e. a gamestopper. If you kill one of the bosses, and then jump off of a cliff to kill yourself, but haven't completely died and been restored yet (the easiest place to try this is at the end of Mission 2, but I've done it after mission 4 as well), then the funky "you made it" music will play, and you'll start the next mission. The problem is, you'll have zero health, and can no longer move your character, because he is effectively dead! The time still counts down. If you wait for it to time out, it'll expire and say "Time over", which would generally kill you, but the timer will just reset to its default starting time, and nothing else will happen. You're an eternal zombie!

The second glitch to note occurs on the "Invade the Enemy Base" mission...When you're fighting the 2 big green men ("Abobo"), if you didn't scroll too far to the right, you should still be able to see the cut-in-stone ladder that you climbed to get up to the level you're at. Go back and descend it. Try to get a green guy to follow you. When he comes down the ladder, there are no graphics defined for big-guys climbing ladders, so the graphics pointer actually ends up pointing to graphics of the little green guy. It's a weird thing to see, but it doesn't screw up the game.

Watch the video at the bottom of the screen here to witness many of the techniques spelled out in this guide. Good luck in your quest, and I hope this chick is worth the trouble.

Cousin Vinnie would like to thank John K Harvey for his excellent information, which made up 80% of this guide. Also, many thanks goes to Mitch Orman and the VGM for their screen shots used in the guide.

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