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Asteroids Easter Egg

Atari didn't let their programmers take credit for their creations, and the nerd megalomania sometimes reared its ugly head by self-gloss Easter Eggs. Do you wanna know who programmed Asteroids for the Prosystem? Well.. Here ya go. Keep in mind, for this code to work, you have to have AND USE the Pro-Line controller in the 2nd player position. Atari 2600 joysticks will not work

Bob "PacManPlus" Drescenzo stumbled onto this, by the way.

Using the Second Controller:
1) On the main title screen
2) Press the fire button
3) Hold 'Up' and press 'Pause'.
4) Hold 'Down' and press 'Pause'.
5) Hold 'Left' and press 'Pause'.
6) Hold 'Right' and press 'Pause'.

If it works right (which isn't very easy), you should see this: