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So maybe you are new to the 7800 collection scene, and you care little for collecting ALL of the games for the system. GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN, MAN! You are out in the wild, hanging with the wife at swap meets and you run into a super stash of 7800 goodies for sale. You can't remember which games are best, you got $18 in fives and ones left, so you gotta be choosey. So how do you pick? For one, you can use the alphabet!!!

Using the scores from our reviews, you can give yourself an edge in the wild. If we break the game list of 58 games (including Sentinel and excluding the 32 in 1 cart) in half, the games in the first half of the alphabet (Ace of of Aces to Kung Fu Master) score much higher than the second half (Mario Brothers to Xevious).

So you can see that the first half of the alphabet scores a mean of 3.19... pretty close to the average of "Good Games". The titles in the last half of the alphabet scores a 2.86... in between "Poor" and "Fair". Also, keep this in mind: most people rave about Donkey Kong and Galaga, too... and both games scored only a "Fair" in our reviews, below the normal consensus. And to further the point, "Tower Toppler" ties for the strongest scorer in the last half of the alphabet for us at an Excellent 4.5, and many video game reviewers score this game much worse. The Video Game Critic scores it an average "C", and the No Swear Gamer claims it is one of least favorite games in the system. Here's what happens when we break the alphabet into thirds.

The first part of the alphabet, and especially the top 2/3's, scores much higher than the rest of the library. The odds of randomly picking a stronger game improves by picking a title from A-Q. By using this, you may come home with some arcade heroes instead of zeroes. Picking Food Fight over Touchdown Football... might improve your afternoon!