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Vintage Computer Festival 7800 Speech
Curt Vendel Discusses the Demise of Atari & the 7800

This blurb and link from the old site was posted around 2004, and features an at length explanation of what happened to Atari, and specifically the Atari 7800 via the late, great Curt Vendel. Also, the Atari 7800 prototype of Rescue on Fractalus was recently discovered and discussed in the speech. Enjoy the history lesson!

Check out the mp3 if you are a huge 7800 mark. They explain the 7800's history, why the Tramiel's need to be punched in the gut, what went wrong, and all of the cool things that Atari had planned for the Prosystem.

This was the post by Albert at Atari has posted recordings of the talks that took place at the Vintage Computer Festival just over a week ago in Boston. One of the talks covered the Atari 7800's 20th Anniversary, and was presented by Curt Vendel of and Steve Golson, one of the original designers of the 7800. The presentation and accompanying slide show covered the history of GCC (the company that designed the 7800 for Atari, as well as many 7800 games), Atari, and the 7800. Sitting in the front row of the audience were 10 former GCC employees, who provided additional insight during the presentation. You can listen to the full talk here

Rescue on Fractalus Prototype Found!

If you made it to the end of the hour-long MP3 reported last month of the Vintage Computer Festival's 7800 speech given by Curt Vendel, you can overhear people giving him some Atari 7800 prototypes. One of these prototypes is of the excellent game "Rescue on Fractalus."

Rescue on Fractalus was one of the best Atari 5200 games that came down the pike, and this playable (yet unfinished) prototype can be tested on your MESS emulator. It's about 50% finished, and if it were completed it would prove to be an excellent addition to the 7800 library.