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Plutos Prototype Discovered

This article came from the old site around 2004, and proves that Plutos was discovered BEFORE Sirius, and not at the same time, which I thought. Interesting how it sounded like it was going to be another dud discovery, but both of these game proved to be quite impressive.

Allan, a frequent poster at the Atari Age message boards informed everyone that he saw a 7800 prototype called Plutos at the Philly Gaming Expo last month. The good news is that the game is a 2D Space shoot 'em up for 2 players! The bad news is that the game kept crashing before they could tell if it was any good or not. People who responded to the story said that Plutos was a difficult game that was also in the Atari XE library. Here are two screenshots of the XE version. When and if the game becomes fixed and available, you'll see it here, pronto.

Images Provided by the Basement Brothers