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Atari 7800 Difficulty Switch Guide

The difficulty switches on your Atari 7800 may be wreaking havoc on your gameplay experience and you may not even know it.

First off, all of the following information after this paragraph ends is from the brainz of fellow Atari 7800 fanatic Trebor. He did the work and compiled the list and it is accurate as of 12/10/2020. Trebor also has an amazing Youtube channel featuring groove-a-licious 7800 gameplay and long play videos of games you probably haven't even heard of. Check it out... he's cooler than me. OK... here's the info on the Difficulty Switches. Bye Bye. I'll miss you. Here's Trebor.

From the Mind of Trebor:

(click to enlarge)

(Above in the image) is a list of 7800 games, including original releases, homebrews, and prototypes, that are impacted by the difficulty switches on the front of the console. The four possible configurations are noted along with a short description of their effect to the game.

The below will be updated, as new games are developed that utilize the difficulty switches, and of course for any corrections or additions from the current library of games:

There are at least 11 original, 3 prototype, and 12 homebrew games that utilize the difficulty switches:

Armor Attack II
Astro Blaster
Beef Drop
Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest
Crazy Brix
F-18 Hornet
Fail Safe
Ikari Warriors
Jr. Pac-Man
Missing In Action
Motor Psycho
Ninja Golf
Pac-Man 320
Pac-Man Collection
Rikki & Vikki
Super Circus AtariAge
Super Skateboardin'
Tomcat - The F14 Fighter Simulator
Touchdown Football
Tower Toppler

OK, enough of that bullsh... click here for Trebor's Stuff on Youtube!!!