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The Dragonfly Has Landed
A Look at One of the new Atari 7800 Multicarts

The Atari 7800 has lived a long azz time without a proper multicart, and now... in 2020-2021... there are two that have popped up on the scene and both look very compelling. One is the Concerto cart, but the one we will get into today is the Dragonfly. The Dragonfly is an SD card based multicart that comes in two colors (Old Lady Stayed Out in the Sun Too Long Orange and Iceberg Slim Pimp Suit Purple) and has a bevy of audio options if you opt for all the audio extras. This massive thing needs its own power source and smokes and shoots out hot oil everywhere while in operation. (just kidding about the hot oil and smoke).

Here, old friend to the old Froo-Froo website, Crossbow (aka Jesse Hardesty, from Ivory Tower Collections- he reviews a few games for us on the new site, too), does a VERY in-depth video about what you are getting if you pick up a Dragonfly--- which is available in the Atari 7800 forums on the website. If you opt for the version with all of the bells and whistles, it will be terrific for checking out new homebrews and hacks with advanced sound and large memories for years to come. Enjoy the show!

Crossbow Catches a Dragonfly: