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Combat 1990 On Sale!!!

First 7800 Homebrew Cart Released!

This article came from the old site and annouced THE FIRST Atari 7800 Homebrew cart you could buy online! This was a big day, and from what I can gather this article was released early 2005.

A post on the Atari Age website today states that the FIRST Atari 7800 homebrew cartridge is now on sale. "Combat 1990" is a sequel to the venerable 2600 Combat game, but this title features a one player mode and power-ups like shields. This game was programmed by Harry Dodgson, the guy that programmed the Monitor Cart oh so sexily. Looks cool and it will be reviewed here soon! For orders check out

To see gameplay footage click here.

Thanks to Harry for the game, Mitch for the footage, Mcgrail0007 for the news break, and Atari Sales for the op!

Images provided by Static Gamer