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The List of Lists
The List of Lists

I like making lists, trouble and sweet sweet love. Here's some of at least two of those things.

***Top 10 Atari 7800 Games (All Games)

***Top 10 Atari 7800 Games (Official Releases)

***Top 10 Atari 7800 Games (Homebrews)

***9 Decent Games That Get Slammed Unfairly

***All Atari 7800 Endings Ranked

***All Final Bosses Ranked

***Player Controlled Space Ships Ranked

***Top 10 Atari 7800 Single Screen Platform Levels

***Top 10 Atari 7800 Ugly Protagonists

***Top 10 Infamous Atari 7800 Gameplay Moments

***Top 10 Weirdest Messages in robotfindskitten

***Ranking the Hardest 7800 Games to Beat