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Good Knight and Good Luck
The Upcoming Knight Trilogy

Q: Why were the Middle Ages called the Dark Ages?
A: Because there were too many knights.

Do you remember a few months ago when I did a feature on that crazy Dragon guy, Revontuli because he was coming up with not one, not TWO... BUT THREE different Dragon games for the 7800??? And they were all different genres? That was crazy right? Well... lo and behold, we have almost the same jive happening south of hemisphere in one of the most unlikely places for Atari 7800 programming: Chile.

This guy is making THREE medieval knight games, three different genres, just like the other guy... huh? what? REALLY? Oh... shib... make that TWO knight games, and ONE roach game. (What? Are you sure? A friggin' roach???? Well... damn... that ruins the whole thing. Maybe they won't notice..... OK.... Bye) Well that was weird. Anyways, I guess we can knight the roach later. Let's see what's going on in that crazy Vladimir Zuniga's head down there in Chile.

Knight Guy in a Low Rez World
(Or Knight Guy- Castle Days)

I'm not sure what the technical name of this game is yet, and Im not sure Vlad knows, but it could be called "Poop on a Stick" and it wouldn't matter, its gonna be a good one. This nearly completed game is an Atari 2600 upgrade featuring Knight Guy: a likeable hero, dressed head to toe in armor, very reminiscent of that other helluva nice guy, Shovel Knight. His mission is to bust into the castle where his favorite pet (a dog or a cat- your choice) has been kidnapped to orchestrate a rescue. (Why is there so much kidnapping in the world of video games??? WHY?) This is a Metroid/ Shovel Knight experience challenges you with light puzzle solving, boss battles, platform jumping, and has charm in droves. Check it out:

A Roach in Space II
Cosmic Bugaloo

This very cool top down, vertical, SHMUP is in its early stages, but there is a demo that can give you the flava of what Vlad is cooking here. This is another upgrade from a previous Vlad Atari 2600 game, A Roach in Space... so I guess technically, this is a proper sequel. What's a roach doing in space? We can find out here: (Do I have any British readers that can knight this roach so we don't ruin the article now?)

Knight Guy on a Board
30 Squares of Fate

If I was cool enough to make Atari 7800 games, I would name my games just like Vlad does... long and ridiculous monikers to annoy the squares and make the cute girls giggle. Now for some reason, this may be my most anticipated of Vlad's three 7800 creations. This is a single player BOARD GAME work in progress, complete with an item shop, RPG style fights, randomized fortune squares, mini games, and puzzles. Your goals are to survive (duh), level up, get that folding money, land at the item shop to buy a key, and then eventually (whew!) land on the square with the lock, unlock it, and then go in to see what's inside. What's behind that green door? I dunno, but I bet its menacing but cute. Mini games include super cool events similar to Kaboom, Breakout, A Roach in Space, Cosmic Ark, and more. Go get Board:

Be sure to remember these games are works in progress so the things may change before they are released. The 7800 Homebrew scene is the best its ever been. Can't wait to see what's next from these crazy kids!!!